Pressure Cleaning

Best Choice Pressure Cleaning offers residential and commercial pressure washing of walls, driveways, walkways, decks, roofs and more. 

Leave the cleaning to the professionals. At Best Choice, we apply the pressure so you don’t have to!

Pressure-washing services

How much pressure and water volume are required to get your surfaces cleaned safely and efficiently? Power washing combines the force of water and a cleaning solution to breakdown, lift, and wash away dirt and stains.

From driveways and sidewalks to roofing and the side of your home, Best Choice Pressure Cleaning is your source for power washing done well, and done right. We can even power wash your boat, kitchen exhaust hoods, awnings, and much more to keep your home or business looking spotless.

Before we begin cleaning, we determine the square footage you will need cleaned, decide what cleaning solutions will be necessary, and determine whether heated cleaning will be required. (For most commercial jobs, heated cleaning is necessary). We adjust our pressure washers to the proper power level needed to clean your surface thoroughly – without damaging paint or finishes.

We then pressure wash and rinse the entire surface area. At your request, we can also provide sealant, giving the surface a glossy finish and helping preserve the concrete.

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